A Canadian Immigrant’s Story

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My wife came to study in Canada in 2012. While studying, the kids joined their mother in 2014 while we processed our permanent resident visa, which was approved in 2015.  I landed in Canada in September 2015 but went back to my country to continue my job in the banking sector and finally relocated in October 2016.

The process of settling down in Canada was smooth for me because my family had been on ground for sometime. It however took me 12 months to get my first job. While waiting to get a job, I enrolled for a certificate programme with Ryerson University to keep me busy and did not need to take up any survival jobs. I also started the financial services programme with ACCES Employment and registered for the Investment Funds in Canada (IFIC) examination, which I passed in February 2017. With this certification, I was able to secure a job with one of the top 5 banks in Canada. The beauty about Canada is that there are no limits to what you can achieve as an immigrant as long as you do not give up, so I am still searching for my dream job.

My advice to new or intending migrants would be to register with one of the government approved pre-arrival or post arrival services such as ACCES Employment before they land in Canada or as soon as they arrive in Canada. The insight provided by the pre-arrival and post arrival agencies is always very helpful in settling in, kick-starting and advancing your career as a new immigrant.

 – Remi, Mississauga

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