A Canadian Immigrant’s Story

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I relocated with my wife and two children in Dec 2016 but returned to my home country and finally came back to Canada three months later. I did not face any major challenges settling into Canada as I already had my family here.

In other to position myself to get a better job, I registered for Acces Employment’s workplace communications training as well as with another newcomer center. Six months after I arrived in Canada, I got a job as a Project Manager in the Gaming Applications industry and did not have to take or pass any certification examination.

My advice to new and intending immigrants is for them to do their research thoroughly and utilize all training opportunities provided by government agencies. They should also seek out people within the industry they intend to work in and get an in-depth knowledge of the industry and possible references for job opportunities. They should try to network closely with settled immigrants working in the sector of their choice as this will ensure that they avoid being sucked into doing survival jobs for too long. Where possible, they should explore entrepreneurial opportunities as well and not focus only on job seeking.

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