A Canadian Immigrant’s Story

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I relocated to Canada with my wife and three children in January 2013. Fortunately, for me, I did not face any cultural shocks as we had family on ground to guide us throughout our settlement process. I got a job 13 months after landing which was frustrating but I had to continue applying for jobs daily (minimum 30 applications per day). I studied daily (YouTube, Google research, read books & documents from industry & role of interest about processes /practices etc.), engaged in mentorship relationships, recorded all my interview sessions and had reviews with mentors, prayed daily and never gave up.

I did not need to take/pass any certification but in most cases, PMP, CBAP, CSM, CFA are a nice to have. My current job pays well but I want to own my own business. The greatest challenge I faced as a new immigrant was my accent/communication (I had to learn how to speak slowly and clearly).

My advice to new and intending immigrants is to always ask questions, meet and mix with the right    people (you will know when you see them). Information is key (strive to have the right information at the right time always), work hard and work smart (study, practice, apply etc.). You need to temporarily forget whatever you had achieved prior to relocation (position, money etc.); Remain focused on the target and never ever give up (have faith and believe



 – Chima, Milton

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