Communication Services In Canada

Communication services is a very broad topic that covers several areas such as telephones, internet, televisions, radios etc. Communication is very important in Canada and as a new immigrant; you will most likely need a phone so that recruiters can easily reach out to you. An email address is also very important in the job search process. 

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Communication Service Providers

Whether you are buying a television (cable), internet, mobile or home phone services, the choice of provider is largely dependent on the network coverage of the providers in your area. As a new immigrant, you cannot afford to choose a provider simply because someone else is using that provider. One of us learnt the hard way after getting a mobile phone from a provider with poor network coverage in his home. Unfortunately, recruiters could not reach him for interviews.

It is advisable to do your research, check reviews and if you find yourself in the situation described above, ensure you return the product within the stipulated guarantee period.

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Comparing Service Providers

After you have identified the providers within your area/ locality (using the button above), the next step will be to ensure you are getting the best deal available. Several websites compare mobile phones, plans, prices and coverage areas of different service providers. Comparing plans and checking reviews will help you choose a plan that suits your lifestyle and budget. Most immigrants buy a phone within the first few days of arrival however this is not mandatory. The key is to ensure that you are reachable.

If getting a cell/ mobile phone, you get to choose between a prepaid or postpaid (contact) plan. You can save money by getting discounts when you buy more than one service from a provider. This is known as bundling. Also, watch out for promos offered by the different providers in the course of the year. If you have a disability or special needs, please contact your service provider of choice to find out about products and services that may suit you.


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