Welcome to New Brunswick

New/Nouveau Brunswick

New Brunswick was named in 1784 in honour of the Duke of Brunswick. The province also has nicknames and slogans such as “The Picture Province” and “The Loyalist Province”.

The province is one of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces and a part of Atlantic Canada. It differs from the other two Maritime Provinces because it is sheltered from the Atlantic Ocean and the oceanic effects. This seaside province is defined by its rivers rather than its seacoast and is bordered by Nova Scotia, Québec and the American state of Maine as well as the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Northumberland Strait, and the Bay of Fundy. The economy of the province is driven primarily by the goods-producing sector, followed by agricultural, forestry, fishing, mining and quarry industries. With over 50 perfect beaches, New Brunswick is also known for its high tides and extensive trails and features activities such as swimming, whale watching, camping, cuisine, festivals and cultural events. Major places of interest include Bay of FundyHopewell RocksFundy National Park , Roosevelt Campobello International ParkKingsbrae Garden , Swallowtail LightstationFredericton Boyce Farmer’s Market , Village Historique AcadienMount Carleton Provincial Park and The Miramichi River.

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Official Flag

The black-capped chickadee (Poecile atricapillus) – Official Bird




The purple violet (Viola cucullata) – Floral Emblem



An Atlantic salmon fly – Provincial Symbol



The balsam fir (Abies balsamea) – Official Tree

Official Tartan

Photo credit: www.canada.ca;  Places of attraction: www.us-keepexploring.canada.travel