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The name Northwest Territories is basically derived from the location of the territory. Northwest Territories (NWT) has the nicknames/ slogans “Land of the Polar Bear”, “Canada’s Last Frontier” and “North of Sixty”.

The territory has borders with Nunavut to the east, Yukon to the west, and the three provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to the south. The economy of the NWT is primarily driven by mining mainly because the territory is endowed with several precious minerals such as diamond and gold as well as other base minerals. The sun seldom sets in the Northwest Territories during summer so there is continuous daylight. Likewise, during winter there is almost complete darkness. With activities such as the Yellowknife northern light viewing, dog sledding, snowmobile and fishing tours, you can’t help but love NWT. Major places of interest are the Nahanni National Park, Hay River, Great Slave Lake and Wood Buffalo National Park.

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Official Flag

The mountain avens (Dryas octopetala) – Floral Emblem

The gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus) – Official Bird


Diamond – Official Gemstone


Gold – Official Mineral

The arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus– Official Fish


Official Tartan


Photo credit: www.canada.ca;  Places of attraction: www.us-keepexploring.canada.travel