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The name of the province “Ontario” is from the Iroquois word “kanadario”, which means “sparkling” or “beautiful” water. The province also has several nicknames and slogans such as “The Heartland Province” and “The Province of Opportunity” which is now dated.

Ontario has borders with Manitoba, Quebec and the United States of America. The service sector such as business, finance, tourism and culture is the major driver of Ontario’s diversified economy. Other industries such as manufacturing, high tech, agriculture, energy and mining play a major role in the growth of the province. Major places of attraction in Ontario include: Niagara Falls ,  Algonquin Park,  The Stratford FestivalThe CN TowerParliament Hill, Ottawa River Rafting , The Great Spirit Circle Trail ,  Agawa Canyon Tour TrainFort William Historical Park,  1000 Islands, Canadian Museum of Civilization and the National Art Gallery, Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada and Canadian War Museum .

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Official Flag

The common loon (Gavia immer) – Official Bird

The white trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) – Floral Emblem

The eastern white pine (Pinus strobus linnaeus) – Official Tree

Amethyst – Official Mineral

 Official Tartan


Photo credit: www.canada.ca;  Places of attraction: www.us-keepexploring.canada.travel