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“Share your story with someone. You never know how one sentence of your life could inspire someone to rewrite their own” – Demi Lovato.


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Your story has the power to inspire, heal or change a life. Your story matters! Share stories of your migration journey. Let others know what worked for you and that they are not alone.


If you consent to sharing your story, it will feature in the Blog Star Series. All blog stars are published as anonymous (your identity will be hidden) except you request otherwise. Send your story using the form below. Once we receive your story, we will try our best to respond back to you via email within 24 hours.


We also encourage you to send us tips that will help other immigrants settle in faster. Tips may vary from something you recently found out or a piece of information that could help someone else. Tips that apply to everyone or every province in Canada should be prefixed with the tag “#DidYouKnowCanada” while tips specific to a province, or a city should be prefixed with the province/ city name “#DidYouKnowAlberta”. E.g.”#DidYouKnowMarkham If you don’t have a transit card, you need your exact fare to board a public transit in  Markham”.


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